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about us
about us

Dr Peter Lee and Dr Natasha Bilous

Tash and Pete met whilst studying Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney in 1995. Almost 2 decades later, they are married with two children and live locally on the Northern Beaches along with their considerable collection of animals.


More Recently

Tash and Pete have lived and practised as vets in many locations both here and overseas. After graduating, they both commenced work in mixed large and small animal practice in Sydney’s outskirts. This was followed by work in numerous different practices in the UK over a number of years. A particular highlight of both careers was working for a Horse and Donkey charity in Morocco where they were able to offer free veterinary care to the often forgotten four legged workers in North Africa.


The At-Home Experience

Pete and Tash have also worked in Hong Kong and a number of different Sydney locations. Having settled on the Northern Beach 12 years ago, they’ve never looked back!


Clinic Support Team

Peter enjoys all aspects of veterinary practice, but has a special interest in orthopaedic surgery including the most up to date cruciate ligament repair techniques.


Natasha loves EVERYTHING about being a vet- she loves the puppies and kittens, the oldies and the in-betweeners. 


Additions to our team over the years include:


Dr Nicole Margetts

Dr Kirsty Giles

As well as our amazing nursing team headed by Kate, Maddie and Natasha.


Two by Two is a purpose designed veterinary hospital owned and run by a husband and wife, Dr Peter Lee and Dr Natasha Bilous. We service the people and pets of Balgowlah, North Balgowlah and Balgowlah Heights, Manly, Manly Vale, North Manly, Fairlight, Clontarf, Seaforth, Brookvale and surrounds.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or come by for a guided tour and to meet our staff and discover a new standard of veterinary care


about us
about us
about us
about us
about us

Pet Services

Health Checks

Whether your pet is a brand new baby or a long term family member, we are available to assess your pet’s needs and give up to date advice.
Call us to discuss your needs.


There can be confusion over vaccination requirements for pets. Our aim at Two by Two Veterinary Hospital is to discuss your pet’s individual circumstances in detail and then tailor vaccination protocols to minimise infectious disease risk but avoid over vaccination of low risk animals.

Dental Care

Similar to people, pets often experience dental disease. Early intervention and then prevention of recurrence has been shown to increase both quality and length of life in pets.


Discuss your pets needs with our helpful vets and nurses. We stock a range of premium quality diets.
BOOK APPOINTMENT     (02) 9907 8106

Surgery & Desexing

Desexing (speys and castrates)

We wouldn’t have surgery without pain relief and should expect the same for our pets. Our vets use up to date protocols and equipment to have your pet feeling great in no time.

Surgery(soft tissue and orthopaedic)

We have a fully equipped surgery allowing us to offer a range of services including more complex orthopaedic procedures such as cruciate and fracture repairs.


We have a purpose built pet hospital fitted with modern equipment but are also able to give personalised attention and love to your sick pet.

We really care about making their stay not only as short as possible, but as stress free and comfortable as possible too.

Cat Boarding

Come and see our cat boarding facilities- we welcome inspections. We are able to offer a far more personalised service than larger boarding facilities.

Felines are housed separately to minimise stress and allow them to settle quickly into their holiday accommodation.

Cats are housed in deluxe cat runs, double height with a hammock and viewing platform.
It can sometimes be convenient to schedule a dental or surgical procedure during your pet’s stay, knowing they will be able to recover under the watchful care of professionals. Call us to discuss your needs. We wouldn’t have surgery without pain relief and should expect the same for our pets. Our vets use up to date protocols and equipment to have your pet feeling great in no time.

Puppy and Kitten Advice

We love to talk puppies and kittens. If you would like to chat to a independent qualified professional before you get your pup or kitten, give us a call or drop by.
Perhaps you had questions about breed choice, health concerns or puppy/kitten care in general. We’re happy to give advice.


This is a legal requirement for all dogs and cats in NSW and the best way of ensuring permanent identification of your pet. Placement is by a one off, simple injection but the benefits are life long.

Advise on parasite control

Get on top of fleas, ticks and worms… and all the creepy crawlies that call your pet home.


Radiology and Ultrasound

These allow for fast and accurate diagnosis of a range of simple and complex problems.


Blood tests allow for fast and efficient diagnosis for your pet when there are more serious problems, or to provide peace of mind in association with routine health checks.


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